ATV / Gator Rental

Backhoe Hourly


Crane (With One Operator)


Equipment Operator

Filter Trailer

Flatbed Trailer Hourly

Foreman Hourly


Gas Chromatograph

Gas Compressor Consultant

Gas Plant Consultant

Gas Plant Operator

Gas Services Consulting

Glycol Trailer - Service

GPS Services

Hot Shot Run

Laborer Hourly

Roustabout & Construction

We offer short and long-term personnel without the inconvenience of a binding service agreement. We understand that operational needs change from day to day and it is not always feasible for companies to provide full-time employment for periodical work requirements. Let us help with those jobs your full-time staff doesn't have time or equipment to accomplish.


Our consulting staff consists of men and women who have spent their careers in the Oil and Gas Industry. They are prepared to help you take projects from start to finish. They can get you organization on track by analyzing operations and suggesting ways to be more efficient and increase production. They are prepared to travel to your location to offer professional onsite assistance, based on your requirements and timeline.

If we don't currently have the personnel you need on staff, we will find them. We have access to experts in production, construction, safety, instruction and project coordination.

No matter the size of the operation or project, we are ready to offer the guidance you need to be more competative.

We understand that confidentiality is often a concern in today's business environment. We provide time tested advice, as well as state of the art solutions, based on your operations. Our nondisclosure policy ensures that you get the best analysts without risking your operational security.

Let's discuss your needs. Contact us today for your FREE CONSULTATION!

Relief Personnel & Training

We are willing to take the risk and organizational stress of hiring and training your new personnel. We'll come to your location, learn your operation, and train your new employees to fit in seamlessly. They will be our employees during the training and testing period and they stay with us until you think they are ready.

*If you feel they are not working out, we'll deal with the unpleasantries.

Once trained to your operations, we can provide temporary and relief personnel on short notice day or night.

Whether you are looking for physical laborers or subject matter experts, we will fulfill your specific personnel and equipment needs. Let us lend our knowledge and experience to you operation. Our goal is to help businesses large and small succeed.

product / SERVICE list

Pusher - Man and Truck

Reclamation Seed

Reclamation One Man

Reclamation Two Man

Service Tech, Truck & Tools

Shop Rate

Skidsteer Hourly Rate


Tank Strapping with Ladder (<15')

Tank Strapping with Manlift (>15')


Trailer Rental Daily

Trailer Repair

Truck Hourly

VAC Truck (With One Operator)

Valve Services - Man and Truck

Water Samples




Meter Calibration

Meter Input and Gas Chromatograph

Meter Input Only

Multi Trailer

NP Consultant

Per Diem


Pipeline Consultant

Pipeline Technician

Pipeline Technician (Senior)

Pipeline Technician (Trainer)

Poly Welder 6 inch or bigger

Poly Welder Rental

Pressure Washer Hourly

Pressure washer Rental Per Day

Pressure Washer Rental Weekly

Project Safety / Fire Watch